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 The practice of Sound Healing/Sound Therapy/Therapeutic sound is not government regulated in Ireland which means there are no mandatory requirements for practitioners or training providers.   SHAI was established for those who wish to self-regulate and declare that they meet the miniimum standards set by SHAI.

SHAI is established as the official Regulator for Sound Therapy Practitioners and Training Providers in Ireland who wish to follow our defined industry standards.  Established in 2015 to advance the science and practice of Sound Therapy in Ireland for the benefit of the Community. 

Enhance your professional standing and credibility with registration as a Professional Sound Therapist, giving your clients and prospective clients all the confidence and peace of mind they need.

Eligibility for Registration to Practice as a Sound Therapist in Ireland

Sound Healing Association of Ireland is responsible for defining the eligibility for Registration to Practice as a Sound Therapist in Ireland.   Fundamental to this is the quality, content and accreditation of the Sound Therapy training providers.   Our SHAI accredited Training Providers have been assessed to comply with our Training Provider Code of Practice, to ensure the quality of their training meets the high standards required.  

Our Training Provider Code of Practice was developed in conjunction with the Complementary & Natural Medicine Association (The CNMA) and other industry stakeholders, to ensure the highest international standards are maintained for the benefit of the community.

Eligibility for Registration to Practice as a Sound Therapist in Ireland doesn’t require that your training is completed with our Accredited Training Providers, although it is highly recommended.  Sound Therapy training completed with many training providers in other countries, including the UK and Europe, Australia and the USA can also be recognised, provided that the training offered meets our Training Provider Code of Practice.

In order for us to assess the eligibility of Sound Therapy training completed internationally, there is a €49 non-refundable assessment fee payable to SHAI.  To avoid disappointment, if you are considering completing your Sound Therapy training internationally, you are recommended to first read our Training Provider Code of Practice to establish if your proposed training course complies and will therefore be accepted for Registration to Practice as a Sound Therapist in Ireland.  If in any doubt, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation free consultation call of up to 15 minutes.

Important Changes from July 2022

We are delighted to announce the following changes which came into effect from July 2022:

  • Restructuring of the Committee.
  • Implementation of our Training Provider Code of Practice – an industry first
  • New Aims & Objectives – to enhance the professional standing of sound therapy as a Complementary Therapy in Ireland.

Regulatory Authority

Here at SHAI we have developed quality standards to maintain and preserve the integrity of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy in Ireland.  In 2022 we as the Professional Regulator of Sound Therapy in Ireland, implemented an industry first for the public and our members by introducing a Training Provider Code of Practice.  

Note: The absence of a training provider from our online search directory does not indicate that they don’t meet our strict standards.  If you don’t find a training provider registered with SHAI and you wish to study with them,
you can ask the following questions to assess their suitability as a professional training provider:

Note: SHAI exists to promote Professional recognition of Therapeutic Sound as a Complementary Therapy.

Our Training Provider Code of Practice requires that Instructors meet our strict high quality standards.  This means not only having relevant practical experience, but also holding a recognised qualification for teaching adults.

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Training Provider Self-Verification

Training Provider Self-Verification

Our Training Provider Code of Practice is the Industry Standard for Sound Therapy Training Providers in Ireland.  Using our easy 7-Point Verification method you can determine for yourself if a training provider meets our high standard, regardless if they are...

Guidelines for the Job Title of Sound Therapist

Guidelines for the Job Title of Sound Therapist

In keeping with international standards and best practice for Complementary Therapy training, SHAI now specifies new guidelines for our Practitioner members regarding their use of the job title of Sound Therapist.  A Practitioner of Therapeutic Sound (Sound Healing...

New Website Launched for 2020

We are proude to announce our new-look website for 2020. The main feature of the new website is a shorter website address easier to remember, and a searchable members directory making it very easy for potential clients to find your business contact details.

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