New Rules in Place from June 2022

After some extensive restructuring of our Practitioner Code of Practice and the introduction of our Training Provider Code of Practice in June 2022, there have been some very welcome changes made to the eligiblity for SHAI membership.

    • Professional Members are welcome regardless of where they trained, the previous requirement for attending SHAI accredited training providers is now abolished.
      Note: Processing times for membership applications from graduates of non-SHAI Accredited Training Providers may take a little longer due to the extra checks required to validate the authenticity and relevancy of the training completed, but aside from that there are no additional eligibility criteria for graduates of non-member Training Providers..
    • Training Provider accreditation and registration is now open to all training providers in Ireland with equal criteria for their eligibility. This means that no training provider will receive unfair advantage over others by relaxing the eligibility criteria. This gives the public re-assurance that all SHAI Accredited & Registered Training Providers meet our strict professional quality standards.

If you are a Provider of professional training in Therapeutic Sound in Ireland, (Sound Healing / Sound Therapy) and you’d like to find out more about our special offer for Training Provider Accreditation & Registration with SHAI, we’d love to hear from you!