Our Training Provider Code of Practice is the Industry Standard for Sound Therapy Training Providers in Ireland.  Using our easy 7-Point Verification method you can determine for yourself if a training provider meets our high standard, regardless if they are Accredited and Registered with SHAI or not.

Ask these simple questions of any Training Provider who will be only too pleased to answer your questions.

    • Do they hold a recognised qualification for workplace training and assessment and the teaching of adults? 
      (Note: Reiki Master/Teacher or a qualification for teaching children is not adequate to meet professional industry standards for training providers of Complementary Therapies)

    • Do they also operate a Clinic where they practise the Therapies they teach on a regular basis?

    • Do they have at least 2 years experience as a suitably qualified Practitioner of Therapeutic Sound? (Sound Healing/Sound Therapy) and 3 years experience teaching adults since achieving their recognised qualification for workplace training & assessment and the teaching of adults?

    • Do they operate from a commercial building which. meets all regulatory building requirements?

    • Are printed & professionally bound manuals / class workbooks provided for learners to keep?

    • Does the training provider include clinical supervision hours adequate to assess competency to fully qualified practitioner standard, before unsupervised clinical practice (case study treatments) are expected? 

    • Does instructor-led in-class tuition hours equal or exceed any minimum compulsory home study hours?

SHAI Accredited training providers can answer Yes to all of the above questions, your guarantee of their commitment to your success by the quality and integrity of their training.