F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Become a SHAI Accredited Sound Healing Professional?

A. By submitting a completed application form to join SHAI, including details of your qualifications and current practitioner insurance, and paying the prescribed membership joining fee, stated on the application form.

Q. Can I submit my application by email?

A. Yes that’s no problem at all.

Q. How long will my application for Accredited Professional membership take to be processed?

A. SHAI is run by volunteeers, we don’t have a dedicated office person.  Your application for professional membership take generally up to 1-2 weeks to be processed.  If your application is urgent, please let us know and we will do our best to approve your application as quickly as possible for you.

Q. How long will my application for Approved Training Provider take to be processed?

A. Same as for Accredited Professional membership above.

Q. I didn’t study my sound healing qualifications with a SHAI Approved Training provider, am I welcome to join SHAI?

A.  Yes, our members have trained all over the world.  However you are required to submit extra information including details of your training so we can assess if your qualification meets our requirements for minimum standard of training.  Note: Acceptance of your membership does not automiatcally give your training provider accreditation with SHAI.  Your training provider will be invited to join SHAI and it’s up the them if they wish to obtain accreditation with us.

Q. Who is Eligible to become an Approved Training Provider?

A. SHAI Approved Training Provider status is open to all SHAI Professional teaching members with current professional insurance whose training course meets the minimum standard approved by SHAI. 

Q. How do I become a SHAI Approved Training Provider?

A. By submitting an application request, including how the content of each course you wish to have accredited with SHAI meets our quality standard checklist, by paying the application fee, and by paying the membership joining fee, once your application has been approved.

Q. What is the difference between a Sound Healing Practitioner and a Sound Therapist?

A. The word “Therapist” is reserved for use by mind health professionals, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Clinical Hypnotherapists, who have a qualification recognised by a professional body of which they are eligible to become a member.   Otherwise their work is referred to by SHAI as sound healing and they are recognised by SHAI as a Practitioner of Therapeutic Sound.

Sound Healing is also referred to by some training providers as Sound Massage, or Sonic Massage where instruments are placed on and around the body for the purpose of body and mind energy balancing.   So there is also some confusion with Massage Therapists, and others who work with body complimentary therapies who are known as therapists.

Our view on the subject is this:

Although sound healing and sound therapy may seem like they are the same thing,  with respect to those who have also completed further mind therapy training and qualifications, Pracitioners of Sound Healing should not advertise themselves as Sound Therapists unless they also hold a therapist qualification and are eligible to become a member of a professional body for that qualification.