With the introduction of our Training Provider Code of Practice came along some very good common sense rules for Training Providers, to reassure the public of the high standards and integrity of SHAI Accredited Training Providers.

One of the new requirements was that a Training Provider must have a recognised qualification in Workplace Training and the Teaching of Adults. Training Providers who don’t meet this requirement are given helpful advice to assist them to complete this training.

There is a very good Complementary Therapies Train the Trainer available throughout the year on demand from The CNMA (Complementary & Natural Medicine Assocation). Various business colleges also offer recognised training in Workplace Training & Assessment.

Prior to the introduction of our Training Provider Code of Practice, sound healing / sound therapy training here in Ireland was self-regulated.   Anyone who wanted to teach sound healing / sound therapy could setup business as a training provider without any qualifications in workplace training or teaching of adults.

We can’t prevent that from happening, but what we can do is develop and implement industry standards for our accredited and registered professionals to follow.  This gives the public peace of mind knowing that with a SHAI accredited and registered professional or training provider, they are working with the best.