We have received several reports from concerned members of the public regarding a non-member Sound Healing Training Course requiring their learners to complete unsupervised clinical practice in the form of client case study treatments, as part of their preliminary Level 1 training before they are fully trained to practitioner standard and assessed as competent to work with members of the public unsupervised.

This practice is not only unprofessional, but is also unethical as it requires learners who are not yet fully trained to practitioner standard, and assessed as competent to undertake unsupervised clinical practice hours (case study treatments) working with members of the public before they have completed their practitioner training including necessary clinical supervision hours and are therefore not yet competency assessed to practitioner standard.

SHAI Registered & Accredited Training Providers are not permitted to request a learner to complete any unsupervised clinical practice with members of the public (including case study treatments) until all practitioner training has been completed, including required clinical supervision hours, and the learner is therefore fully assessed as fully competent to practitioner standard.

This is in keeping with international standards for complementary medicine training.  Our SHAI Accredited & Registered Training providers work to the highest industry standards for complementary therapies, your guarantee of the quality, integrity and professionalism of our member Training Providers.

The following new addition has been made to the Training Provider Code of Practice to reflect this:

Updated August 8th, 2023

10.0 Clinical Supervision

10.1 Practitioner training must include the number of clinical supervision hours sufficient to assess competence to the level of training undertaken.

10.2. Clinical supervision hours must be undertaken in a simulated clinic environment, including therapy table or plinth.

10.3  A Training Provider must not allow a student practitioner to undertake unsupervised clinical practice outside the classroom (case study treatments) unless the practitioner training is fully completed, including required clinical supervision hours and the trainee is therefore competency assessed to the standard of a fully qualified practitioner.

SHAI – Ireland’s Regulator Authority for Practitioners of Therapeutic Sound.  All Sound Therapy Training Providers are not the same.  For professional training of the highest standard in Ireland, be sure to choose an SHAI Accredited & Registered Training Provider.